About Me

Luci Dead Limb is a multifaceted project created by interdisciplinary artist and musician Lux Lucidi. Under this name, their intention is to create work both sonically and visually that intersect identity, spirituality, craft, catharsis, and anti-fascist themes. The work's textures are often fascinated with nature and industrial essence, while holding eerie space and the themes of echoing occultism.

As far as the printmaking work goes, you see there is often a reflection of Lucidi's intuitive spirit that penetrates deep into the subconcious with ambiguous form and structure. The printmaking process is used as a grounding technique for a healthy extroversion of negative, heavy emotions. Lux has fallen in love with the printmaking process for this reason and continues to make work with dependence as a form of coping with neurodivergence. In April of 2022, they released a collection of prints in the format of a physical book titled "The Wounded Healer" released by Jamaica Plain Label, Dead Pet. 

Luci Dead Limb is a solo endeavor to Lux, however they are also part of multiple collaborative groups. Most notably, Lux is the lead vocalist and performance artist of the queercore doom metal band “SEED”. The group released their debut album “Dun Pageant” in March of 2021, released physically to tape by Mutual Aid Records. Luci Dead Limb released their first solo EP material in January 2023, titled "Humors of the Blood and Skin" also physically released through Mutual Aid. Another release of a single titled "Flesh" followed in April. The live performances of these songs have been accompanied by Oil Projections by artist and collaborator Mondo Fiasco (Adric Giles). More collaborators of Luci Dead Limb include live performances with noise metal trio The Cost ov Living.  Boston Black Metal band Diva Karr and Luci Dead Limb put out a four song split in 2023 to accompany Diva Karr's Black Metal Rainbows performance at Saint Vitus. 

Lucidi is local to a rural area in Berkley, MA after graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fine Arts from the Studio of Interrelated Media in 2020. They lived in Boston for nearly a decade engaging in community organizing and events. One of which is a small DIY series called “Find Out” held in Jamacia Plain once a month consisting of live performances and artist vendors. Lucidi’s experience with assisting events goes from small to large with a background working in galleries and museums as an Art Preparator to numerous artist spaces in the Greater Boston Area. Some of these museums include the deCordova Sculpture and Park Museum, MIT List Visual Arts Center, and Rose Art Museum.